Multi-Gyn FloraPlus

Treats and prevents vaginal yeast problems

  • Treats and prevents vaginal yeast problems
  • Prebiotic stimulation of Lactobacilli
  • Relieves itch, irritation, odor and discharge
  • Prevents (recurring) Candida
  • Prebiotic effect supports a healthy vaginal flora
  • Counters harmful micro-organisms without risk of resistance
  • Optimizes vaginal pH
  • Bio-active, safe and natural

Product description

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus keeps your vagina in balance by suppressing harmful microbes and by supporting the useful Lactobacilli flora. The useful lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria) are stimulated in their development. Multi-Gyn FloraPlus creates an optimal and natural flora that prevents discomforts related to overgrowth of unwanted microorganisms such as Candida. In this way FloraPlus is highly effective in preventing (recurring) vaginal problems. It alleviates discomforts such as discharge, itch, irritations, odor, redness and sensitivity. 

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus is a natural product, based on the patented bio-active 2QR-complex in combination with prebiotic components. The prebiotics are the nutritive components in FloraPlus that support the growth of the good lactobacilli. The prebiotic complex in the formula of FloraPlus is a unique combination of vitamins, Amino Acids and monosaccharides. Multi-Gyn FloraPlus optimizes the vaginal flora and pH.

Directions for use

Multi-Gyn FloraPlus is not an anti-mycotic drug. In case of persistent or recurrent complaints you should always contact your physician. 

For treatment of vaginal yeast problems use 1 single dose tube just before you go to sleep for 5 consecutive days. 

For direct relief of vaginal itch, irritation, odor and discharge apply 1 single dose tube at any time you need relief of such symptoms. 

For prevention of vaginal problems (such as recurrent yeast infections) to support the good lactobacilli and to protect against vaginal problems 1 application of FloraPlus every 3 days just before you go to sleep is sufficient.

 FloraPlus is nominated for Most Innovative OTC product