Painful sex – what to do?

It can cause problems in your sexual relationship and even have negative effects on your psyche and emotions: pain during intercourse. It can be caused by many things. Let's take a look at the causes and the things you can do to alleviate it.

Is it safe to spray perfume down there?

You've been at work all day and you have a hot date afterwards. Or maybe it's that time of the month and you feel a bit unclean. These are the moments when you would really need a virtual shower. The #1 concern of women in this case is odor. We tend to reapply deodorant during our lunch break, spray some perfume on the wrists in between meetings, or quickly brush our teeth before an after-lunch meeting. But what about our intimate area?. Is it safe to spray perfume there? The answer is no!

Vaginal complaints: do I really need to see a doctor?

I think we can all agree that every woman will experience nasty vaginal complaints once in her lifetime. The statistics don’t lie; three out of four women suffer from frequent vaginal complaints. Some are mild and innocent but some are more severe. Let's see what

A dry vagina?

You might be thinking that vaginal dryness only occurs with women in menopause. Well, that is definitely not the case. Did you know that even women in their twenties or thirties can experience vaginal dryness? This can be very annoying, especially sex can be painful. There are many possible causes for a dry vagina.

Visiting the gynaecologist: scary or not?

Most women prefer going to the dentist than visiting a gynaecologist. It sounds rather logical because it can be embarrassing to reveal your intimate parts. You can feel quite vulnerable in a chair with your legs up. It sure isn’t comfortable. But is visiting the gynaecologist a thing to be afraid of? It helps when you know what to expect.

Skinny jeans and vaginal complaints?

It’s definitely my favourite fashion item: my black skinny jeans. Great to accentuate your figure! Lots of women I know wear skinny jeans. I think they look good on many people. But did you know that it’s not wise to wear skinny jeans every single day?

The pubic hair comeback

Curious about the latest on pubic hair? To shave or not to shave? Read our blog!

9 reasons for vaginal pain

Many women suffer from vaginal discomforts such as itch, irritation and an unpleasent smell. And there is also vaginal pain. Find out what could be the cause.

A sunny holiday and vaginal discomforts?

It’s always nice when you can make a trip to a warm country, especially when it’s so cold over here. Your vacation is going well, but within a few days of your arrival you might get a vaginal discomfort… and there is a chance that you do. How?

Vaginal discharge

Every woman has some sort of vaginal discharge and the amount of discharge is individual for each woman. The same is for smell. Every person has its own smell. What is “normal” or “abnormal” is therefore for you yourself to know. You have to take into consideration that the amount of discharge is not constant but influenced by hormones of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, sexual arousal, stress, age. So how do you know if your discharge is normal?

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