How deep is your vagina?

Isn’t it funny that many women don’t know the depth, that is the length, of their vagina? When asked, they often say “15 cm. or  so”.  With that length they obviously relate to the length of a penis in erection. Read more to find out!

Vaginal hygiene

It goes without saying that, when washing or showering, you shouldn’t neglect your vagina. All parts of your body need cleaning after all. But our vagina is a very sensitive area so you might like to consider some do’s and don’ts for good vaginal hygiene.

Vaginal flora does it mean, vaginal flora?! And what is its purpose?! In this blog we’ll inform you on all these kinds of things about your vaginal flora..

Down-there beauty trends

I was just getting used to the variety of waxing and trimming trends to find out that hair removal down there is downright ordinary. As I recently discovered, there’s a whole world of vaginal beauty trends out there. But are they safe?

It's that time of the month

The monthly period is certainly not the most pleasant time of the month for us women. Apart from the aches and pains and not to mention the associated grumpiness, the menstrual period is often annoying and always inconvenient. When I have my period, I don’t feel like doing any physical exercise because I don’t feel comfortable. It also influences what I wear (white tight pants are an absolute no-go) and it has an impact on my sex life.

dr. Annelize's talk

We all will suffer from itching “down there” at some point in our lives. Although this discomfort can have various causes, somehow the misconception that it is “thrush” is widespread. This is probably because anti-fungal medication is without prescription so easily available. The truth is that thrush (also known as yeast, candidiasis, fungal infection) is the cause in only one third of the cases of vaginal discomforts. Because fungus is just an undesired guest with absolutely no usefulness (contrary to bacteria), antifungal medication has not risk (contrary to antibiotics). Hence the overuse of antifungals.

Vaginal pH: is your vagina acid or alkaline?

We see it very often on products at the drugstore: a natural pH. But what exactly does this mean? And is the pH of your vagina healthy? Here's some information on pH.

First vaginal discharge

I was about twelve years old and it scared me to bits: an unusual white substance in my panties. At first, I didn’t know what it was. Luckily, my mother told me it was absolutely normal and called vaginal discharge. It was one of the signs that puberty kicked in.

 To Wait or Not to Wait

Getting pregnant may be the easiest thing for some women, but for others it can be a completely different story. I cannot speak for myself since I’ve never had any intentions on getting pregnant, but I can tell you a little about ‘waiting’ from my mother’s experience.

Beauty is Pain, unfortunately!

The development of new ‘pubic hair styles’ makes it possible for women, and men, to wear tight fitted undergarments without the concern of pubic hair showing. These styles are particularly popular amongst swimmers and athletes, but many women choose intimate waxing to boost their sexuality with their partner, going hand in hand with their personal self-esteem and of course to fulfill personal needs.

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