Multi-Gyn is a complete range of self-care products, to treat and prevent your vaginal discomforts.

Multi-Gyn products are:

Natural, safe and effective.

Clinically recommended by gynecologist all around the world.

Available without prescription at your local drugstores and pharmacies.

Breaking the taboo on intimate discomforts

Three out of four women world wide will suffer from vaginal discomforts in her life time. However, they rarely speak about it because they often feel embarrassed. A part from being annoying, these vaginal complaints affect day to day life and undermine your confidence.

The Healthy Vagina World Tour aims to break the taboo on vaginal discomforts and features a huge vagina passing through the streets, attracting the attention of all kinds of women. In a lighthearted and easy way, women are encouraged to talk about vaginal discomforts. The Healthy Vagina might be coming to a place near you!